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When it comes to heavy-duty trucks and buses, if you drive it, we offer parts for it. Every major brand1. All across the country. All Alliance™ Parts meet or exceed OES specifications for quality, fit and finish and are backed by a nationwide warranty2, which means you don’t have to trade quality for price. That’s the Alliance™ Advantage that you’ll find at Freightliner, Western Star and Thomas Built Buses dealers nationwide.

1 For nearly all heavy-duty truck makes and models. 2 See warranty for complete details and limitations.

Accessories Catalogs
The Alliance™ Parts accessories line offers a huge selection of fittings, maintenance supplies, tools and diagnostic equipment for your heavy-duty truck or bus. Plus, we’ve got you covered with radios and antennas so you're ready for the long haul. AM/FM Radios
Back-Up Alarms
Hydraulic Bottle Jacks
Aftertreatment Catalogs
Beginning with the Environmental Protection Agency's EPA07 emissions standards, the use of an exhaust aftertreatment system has been required on all diesel heavy duty trucks. The exhaust aftertreatment system is key to reducing the amount of harmful pollutants produced by the engine that are released into the atmosphere. Alliance™ Parts offers OE-quality aftermarket replacement parts for all makes and models to keep you in compliance. Diesel Particulate Filters
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
Brakes Catalogs
Brakes are serious business for heavy-duty trucks and busses, and you want to feel good about the parts stopping your rig when you need it. That's why all Alliance™ Parts brake drums, brake shoes & kits, spring brakes & chambers and more are designed to provide safe, dependable operation. Featuring rugged construction and quality components to reduce corrosion and equipment failure, you can rely on Alliance™ brakes to deliver. Explore the complete parts list to find the braking solutions for your truck. Spring Brakes & Chambers
Brake Drums
Brake Pads
Brake Shoes & Kits
Slack Adjusters
Cab & Body Catalogs
Your truck is your home on the road - you want it to look and feel great. Comfort is key with quality mattresses, cab fans, wiper blades and everything you need to keep your driving environment in top shape. Plus, with custom bumpers and all-makes mirrors, Alliance™ makes decking out your rig easier than ever. Bumpers
Bumpers, Grilles, and Guards
Chrome & Stainless Steel
Mattresses & Bunk Accessories
Wiper Blades
Cooling & Air Catalogs
With over 40 percent of truck downtime related to cooling system failure, it pays to use a reliable radiator, engine system coolant and parts. Alliance™ Parts replacement radiator with all-aluminum construction improves cooling and durability while reducing weight and crimping problems, giving you a radiator you can rely on mile after mile. Plus, reclaim lost fuel economy and optimize your engine’s performance with an Alliance™ Parts charge air cooler, featuring a unique core design that enhances durability and improves heat transfer, providing you with the power you need. Air Assemblies
Air Dryer
Fan Clutch & Accessories
Drivetrain Catalogs
Your clutch is a mission-critical component for keeping your truck on the road, and reliable belts and pulleys help you and your rig get the job done. When you need to replace drivetrain parts, turn to Alliance™ Parts for dependable construction to fit all makes and models of heavy-duty trucks. Electric Shifters
Electrical Catalogs
There’s no way around it: your electrical system is critical to nearly every aspect of your truck, and reliable parts ensure that you get where you’re going, safely. Whether you’re replacing an entire electrical assembly, beefing up your battery or just need a new bulb, Alliance™ Parts offers durable parts to fit all heavy-duty truck makes and models on the road. Alternators
Electrical Assemblies
Engine Catalogs
Want to get miles and miles (and miles) out of a belt? Choose an Alliance™ Parts serpentine or fan belt for your truck's engine. Fitting all makes and models of heavy-duty trucks, our serpentine belts are made from high-strength ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), which lasts significantly longer than traditional neoprene belts, while our fan belts go the extra mile. Exhaust
Fuel Catalogs
Whether you're looking for an upgrade or replacing a damaged unit, you need a fuel tank that looks great and fits your truck properly. Alliance™ Parts makes finding the perfect fuel tank easy with our industry-leading online configurator, where you can specify capacity, fill neck location and finish. But proper fueling doesn’t stop there. Faced with a general decline in the quality of diesel fuel, basic forms of filtration may not adequately protect precision components. Alliance™ fuel filtration systems come equipped with patented Aquabloc® media to help dirtproof, rustproof, and waterproof your engine. Fuel Tanks
HVAC Catalogs
A healthy HVAC system is key to your long-term comfort, so each part must be built to last. Whether it’s the compressor - the heart of your truck’s air conditioning system - or any one of the many HVAC parts that help condition and move the air in your vehicle, Alliance™ Parts offers heavy-duty, low-maintenance options for long life and dependable performance in any truck make and truck model. AC Compressors
Blower Motors
Condenser Coils
Heater Core Assemblies
Receiver Driers
Powertrain Catalogs
Remanufactured powertrain products are not all created equally. Alliance™ Parts products are remanufactured following a strict teardown, cleaning, inspection, assembly and testing process that is unmatched in the industry and ensures uptime and reliability. All Alliance™ remanufactured powertrain products are built to meet OEM specifications and always include the careful installation of brand-new wear items including synchronizers, air system, bearings, washers and seals every time.

Transmission + Clutch Warranty Bundle

The powertrain product line includes:

Steering Gears and Pumps
Suspension Catalogs

Alliance™ Parts suspension components provide broad market coverage for various applications. Designed and manufactured with high quality materials, Alliance™ suspension components offer superior functionality, reliability, efficiency and safety.

The suspension product line currently consists of air springs and shock absorbers, but will include height control valves and suspension bushings in the near future.

Air Springs
Height Control Valves
Shock Absorbers
Wheel End Catalogs
Alliance™ Parts wheel-end components provide broad market coverage for various applications in the aftermarket. Designed and manufactured with high quality materials, Alliance™ wheel-end components offer superior functionality, reliability, efficiency and safety.

The wheel-end product line currently includes seals, bearings and steel wheels.