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Electrical Parts

In today’s trucking industry, power is key, which is why Alliance™ Parts offers the best in electrical parts and equipment for your truck. Beginning with proper lighting, which is a must for your tractor-trailer to remain visible and to maintain road safety, Alliance™ Parts LED lights are a powerful, durable and efficient choice that doesn’t draw the extra power needed by other accessories. Our electrical assemblies are built from durable material to help avoid corrosion while ensuring a proper connection with superior conductivity for your trailer’s electrical needs. Covering a wide range of applications, Alliance™ Parts alternators meet or exceed OEM specifications and are rated for the higher temperatures found in 2007 and 2010 EPA emissions-compliant engines. And if you expect your truck to start the first time every time, look no further than Alliance™ Parts batteries, which feature heavy-duty construction and a maintenance-free design for superior power performance in any condition. Whatever electrical part you need, Alliance™ Parts can help give you the power.